Welcome to Budak Financial Group, LLC


Here I hope to help you understand the underlying factors that affect the advice you receive from your current adviser. My goal is to explain the “fine print” so that you can make more educated choices with regard to who entrust to manage and build your wealth.

I started Budak Financial Group with the singular focus – Design a company that truly puts client interests ahead of all others. I decided “think outside the box” by looking at it from the client’s perspective. I asked myself the questions a client should ask:

  1. Why don’t I have access to ALL of the over 23,000 mutual funds in the market?
  2. Why does it cost hundreds of dollars to trade with a “full service” broker and only $9.95 with a “discount” broker?
  3. I pay fee for financial planning, why does my advisor also get commissions from the products recommended in that plan?
  4. My advisor and his company say they are looking out for me, why does their contract say otherwise?
  5. Why do do I only hear from my advisor when the market is up?

It became clear that thinking outside the box didn’t even scratch the surface for what I wanted to accomplish. The ‘box’ is the standard corporate structure, advisor compensation, and investment strategies of the profit driven giants of the industry. The box is the problem! Starting with a clean slate, I built the anti-box, different in every way possible from the big-box titans who are more worried about their next quarterly earnings report, than serving their clients.

Check out the lessons under “Choosing an Adviser” in the menu bar above. I share the knowledge I gained on my quest to build a better company. I had to read a lot of fine print and “legalese” but it was all worth it. It’s a very complex industry, I’ve done my best to try and keep it simple in the lessons. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me personally using the information on our “Contact” page. Remember Knowledge is power, and there is no box.

Tony Budak